Our Focus

eCommerce Brands

We own and operate a portfolio of eCommerce brands selling products and services globally.  Our brands feature original, OEM and ODM products sold to consumers and businesses through retail and wholesale channels.  Our marketing spans traditional and digital media.


Our investment portfolio is primarily focused on SaaS technology startups.  We invest during seed stage (angel/founders) through Series A.  We also provide sales and marketing expertise and access to a large base of additional investors.


We’ve helped a number of companies and brands with their eCommerce, sales and marketing strategies and execution.  From choosing the right platforms to maximizing sales through Social Media marketing and conversion rate optimization.

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Our Specialties


Global procurement and distribution across all major commerce and supply markets.

Sales and Marketing

B2B and B2C, especially social media marketing and sales conversion rate optimization.

Operational Efficiency

In the retail and software industries, operational efficiency becomes the difference between failure and becoming the next unicorn.


Strategy, design, implementation and maintenance of technology solutions, especially SaaS and eCommerce

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About us

Trio Media LLC has been riding the wave of internet B2C and B2B growth since 2007. We are a holding company that operates a portfolio of eCommerce brands and invests in technology startups. Recently, we grew tired of saying no and began offering limited consulting opportunities to companies who could benefit from our experience. Internet-based businesses, whether run by corporations or individuals, represents our 21st century gold rush. And we are excited to see help shape the future.

Global Headquarters

Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado